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One of the core beliefs of the Mormon faith is that family relationships can last forever,
not just for this life.
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Mormons believe God instituted families as the ideal environment for individual and collective learning, growth, development, and love. At its best, a family provides all the nurturing, molding, unconditional love and opportunities for mutual service to set a person on the course for a useful and fulfilling life.

So important is the human family that Mormons believe these special relationships extend into the eternities and emulate a divine model of charity, forgiveness, and selfless sacrifice.

Families today come in all shapes and sizes. And while each family may face challenges, all can be successful in providing mutual love and support if they build on sound principles.

Strong families centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ are an enormous power for good. For Mormons, death is not the end to our relationships with those we love. Family members who follow Jesus Christ’s example can be together forever. This is possible through marriages performed in God’s holy temples, which “seal” or unite a husband and wife and their children forever.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recognize that many people do not belong to a family or identify with one. Yet, Mormons believe that these individuals are a part of God’s family. They are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who knows them individually.

While we do not choose the conditions of our birth, we can choose to help make our families stronger and happier. As we do so, our families will provide a setting for much of the growth we experience in this life—we will love, serve, teach, and learn from each other. We will share our joys and our sorrows. Though all families experience difficult challenges, they will also give us immense strength and happiness.

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Answers from Mormons
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  • Bradley
    Bradley answered...

    The family is a key component to support us in God's plan for gaining immortality and eternal life. All of God's children (all the inhabitants that lived, are living, and will live on Earth) are inseparably connected to each other, both (physically) by our Earthly families and (spiritually) by our Heavenly Father.

    Families help us to understand our divine heritage. In this, life takes on purpose and meaning. Our immortal spirits were created by our Heavenly Father before Earthly existence, and we are directly connected to Him in this way. As a spiritual family, our collective purpose on Earth is to follow the commandments of God that lead us to live in heaven with Him again.

    With the support of our earthly kin, we can learn from each other, serve each other, and strengthen our mortal weaknesses by being disciples of Christ. Our families are a gift from God, and we can be together forever.

  • Kord
    Kord answered...

    We believe that the family is "the most important social unit in time and in eternity."...We are all a part of our Heavenly Father's family, and we are all part of a family as well. No one is exempt, either on earth or in heaven. Life's greatest joys and life's deepest sorrows are all experienced in the family. Family life is the center for all teaching and training of children.

    It is our duty to consistently build stronger family relationships by spending time with each other, by caring for one another, and by just being there for one another. Perhaps the greatest blessing of the family is the opportunity to be with your family forever. It is for this reason that Mormons don't just focus on our immediate family, but also our extended family, as far in any direction as possible. The blessing of being together is for all. Not just a select few. Our Heavenly Father wishes all of His children to be with Him forever. That includes all of us.

  • A._henrie
    A. Henrie answered...

    To Mormons, families are not only important, they are essential and sacred. The family is the most fundamental unit in the Mormon church and ALL of Mormon doctrines and programs are about making people better so that they are better members of their families. Being a good father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, etc... is a major responsibility of every human that has or ever will be on this earth.

  • Carina
    Carina answered...

    The long answer? Family is the building block of our global society: it transcends class, culture, language, and geography. There is nothing as important as what happens within the walls of your home. Your family should be your first priority. Children deserve to be loved, nurtured, taught, and guided. Parents have a duty to teach their children, raise them with love, and help set a moral compass. I love that Mormons are encouraged to say "No," even to church activities, if we feel it interferes with our family life.

  • Anna
    Anna answered...

    Family is a number one priority! Everything we do in the church is to help us have better, happier families now and, through sacred ordinances in holy temples, live with our families forever.

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